Pose 3.5 Update and Developer Tools

    We are pleased to introduce the Pose 3.5 update adding new menu layouts for Settings... and RLV... A new timed auto poseball removal for reducing sim lag. Sensations toggle moved into the core scripts and is now on the Settings... menu. Pose system plugins can now eject avatars. Internal display names support has also been added. You can now purchase a (no transfer) version of the Pose Base with an example cuddle pose and an example Cross.

    Introducing 2 new builders kits: Sensations Pose Developer and Sensations Prim Animator.

    The Pose Developer is a licensed version of the Pose system which can be used to create furniture for resale.

    The Prim Animator is low lag system for animating primitives. It can record position, rotation, scale, textures, types and settings. It optimizes the delta (changes) of the data using as little script memory (and thus scripts) as possible. The recorder is (no transfer) but the player is resalable.

    The Amethyst Plugins has been updated with a RLV detach and animation height hack plugins.

    Look for a final version for the Sensations Slave Training Game and some other new items this coming week.

    Posted February 17, 2011 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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