Sensations Slave Training Simulation

    This simulation is meant to be a fun game for two that simulates training of a slave. Each person takes on the role as either Trainer or slave. The trainer selects actions to increase the slave obedience and to train the slave in qualities that are desirable in a slave. The slave tries to resist training and may even escape to freedom.

    Please be aware that a full simulation can take over an hour.

    Actions that slaves may be trained in include:
    Domestic: Things like cooking and cleaning, but also improving the slaves apperance with excercise and make up.
    Performance: Talented slaves that please their dom/mes use dancing, singing and even strip tease.
    Bondage: Not all slaves take to being restrained easily and must be trained in different forms of bondage.
    Humilation: Teasing and verbally abusing slaves come natural for some Dom/mes, but other fun things are boot licking, objectifying (using them like object and furniture) and of course, crawling.
    S&M: Some slaves need a firmer hand and are trained with whip, flogger, and spanking... don't forget to use the ice cubes to cool them off.
    Sex: Many slaves sole purpose is to pleasure thier Dom/mes. Sex training can be solo, gay/lesbian, straight, or group sex.


    Both the slave and the trainer are asked a series of questions that will determine what actions will be easier than others. First questions are gender and sexual preference. Then the game mode is then chosen with the options: Online, Offline and Training. Online mode records the result of the training session to this Sensations web site, it will only be enabled if both Trainer and slave pick Online. Training is a special mode that shows extra information that is normally hidden to make things harder, if either the Trainer or slave picks Training, the mode is enabled.

    Next the Trainer will be asked how strict a trainer they are: Strict, Moderate, and Lenient. Slaves will be asked how they became a slave: Captured, Sold, or Voluntary. These questions decide a number of factors (See Obedience and Escape). Each will then be asked their two favorite and two least favorite categories. The favorite categories are easier to master since there is some inate interests in them. The least favorite will be harder to train. One action in the slaves favorite category will be automatically mastered... this is important for the training process (see Obedience).

    Once the questionnaire is complete if the appropriate Trainer or slave accessories were not detected you will be given the option to get the accessories. The accessories attach to the right hand, the slave additionally gets a free set of cuffs that attach to the arms and legs. The accessories are visual aids that enhance the performing of actions, they are not required but they are recommended.

    Finally, the trainer will be asked to pick a difficulty level of Easy, Normal, or Hard. This will effect the ease on which the slave gains Obedience.

    Playing the game

    The trainer is presented with the Main Menu that allows them to visit the store (more info) or to choose a category to train. If a category is chosen, that Category menu is displayed where the trainer can chose an action to train (more info).

    When an action is chosen, the slave is presented with option of how they will respond to training. These choices are Accept, Refuse/Override, Resist and Escape.

    Choice Effect on game
    Accept The activity is trained, trainer gains a coin and slave obedience increases. If the skill isn't mastered, related activities become easier.
    Refuse The activity is not trained and the slave obedience decreases slightly.
    Override The activity is not trained, the slave obedience decreases greatly any other activities become easier to train. The turn is refunded to the trainer.
    Resist The activity is trained and the trainer gains a coin.
    If the trainer does not have a crop there is a 1/3 chance the obedience does not drop. There is a 1/3 chance the training is only half effective.
    If the trainer has a crop there is a 1/2 chance the training is only half effective if obedience is low enough.
    Escape The slave attempts escape. If the slave manages to escape, the game is over and the slave wins.
    If the slave fails the training requirements will be reduced across the board and the trainer may have an opportunity to punish the slave.
    The strictness of the trainer and how the slave came to be one will determine how likely it is the slave will escape and the number of chances.

    When an action is trained the action is performed and the animation plays (for about 30 seconds). This raises the Obedience and adds 1 coin to the trainers total.

    The trainer needs to keep in mind several concepts when choosing what to train the slave in. If the slave is obedient enough they will not be able to refuse an action. This means that if their obedience level plus their skill level at the activity is greater than the mastered skill level, they will not be able to refuse the action. They will be able to use one of their 5 overrides however, but this will hurt them more than you score-wise. Getting the slave to expend all of their overrides is one of the objectives of the trainer. The more trained and more obedient the slave is, the less likely they will be able to refuse an action.

    The display around the game shows each skill and its status.

    Skill Status Meaning
    Untrained This skill has a 0 level of training.This is how all skill start out initially.
    Beginner This skill has been trained but it is below 33% trained.
    Limited This skill has been trained but it is below 67% trained.
    Skilled This skill has been trained but it is below 100% trained.
    Mastered This skill has been trained and it is 100% trained or more. The slave cannot refuse this action.

    (If in Training mode the display will only show the first letter of the skill status but will also show the (skill level/mastered level) information).

    There will always be at least 1 mastered skill that the slave cannot refuse. This is chosen randomly from the slave's favorite category. The trainer can use this information to guess what actions might be easier than others, but if all else fails and the slave is able to refuse things; the mastered category is available as a fallback to build obedience.


    The game can be won or lost essentially 2 ways... via Score or via Escape.

    Escape is a quick end to the game, it is a risky move by the slave to attempt it. All trainable actions mastered levels are reduced after a failed escape attempt. The Trainer may become upset by the attempt and finally, the chances of escape are very low, except in very select cases determined by a combination of choices of both the trainer and slave during setup.

    Score is the most common method of winning. After 200 rounds a base score is determined by how much the slave has been broken down. Then bonuses are added to the trainer for mastered skills, and excess obedience. Bonuses are added to the slave for successful action refusals. If the score is over 50 the trainer wins, under and the slave does.


    After the game is complete the Trainer can perform any actions that were mastered during the training process. It is also important to note that the game support RLV Relays and if a relay is detected the slave will not be able to stand from the game until the game is over with a win for the slave or the Trainer stands. Therefore the post-game may continue until the Trainer decides they are done with the slave, particularly if the slave is wearing an active RLV relay.

    Most Recent Results

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    Trainer Honey versus slave Peta with a difficulty of easy result: Escape!
    Trainer AnnaPony versus slave Hope with a difficulty of easy result: Trainer wins! (71)
    Trainer Desire Fichte versus slave Selinar with a difficulty of easy result: Trainer wins! (88)
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