Sensations Soul Circlets - Collar and HUD Updates

    We are pleased to release some new items catering to the area of mind control. The Sensations Soul Circlets are magical headbands powered by a mystical jewel. The circlet binds to the wearer's soul, so a dominant controls more than their the body, but the mind as well. They can be made to do strange things, say things and have their thoughts controlled and influenced. Not only that but the control can be over vast distances.

    We have made a short video demonstrating remote control via an iPhone.

    Click here to go to the remote control web page or click here if you are having problems viewing the video on Youtube.

    The prims on the soul circlets were wonderfully crafted by Earalia Nolan and Puta Pixie.

    Along with these new items Collar version 8.2 is now in the vendors and updaters. This update contains a number of bug fixes and recently requested features.

    The new features are bell sound changing menu, external AO (Animation Override) support (ZHAO and ZHAO-II), leash enhancements and curranim command.

    Fixes include memory improvements in the RLV plugin, owner sharing oddities with multiple collars rezzed, Clothes and Attachment buttons not working, remote plugin failure on login and HUD web save/restore.

    Posted September 05, 2010 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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