Sensations 5.1 Speeeeed, updated cocks and resizer

    We have just released the latest Sensations update which is packed full of stuff.  It got delayed a bit because it requires SecondLife server 1.40 which got rolled back repeatedly.  However now it is here and it has a bunch of new stuff. 

    It uses the new fast functions for everything now so prim changes are very fast. Yay!  Many items now support a built-in resizer, look for the Size... button on the menus.There are fixes for some issues with the compatibility script, which needs to be used in the prim breasts a lot.

    Earalia has done a super update to the cocks with just a ton of new features, many of which were developed with the Equine cocks, and a bunch of brand new ones!  There has been a slight price increase for the male and shemale versions, but if you previously purchased you get the new features for free! 

    There is support for the new Xcite! text replaceables to be compatible with more Xcite! furniture via the partner script.  The partner script now also supports more Xcite! link messages. Specifically the new arousal monitor link messages.

    The HUD has also been enhanced to use the new secondlife features making it faster and less laggy.  There have also been some enhancements to owner sharing.  The HUD now keeps track of owners shared by the HUD and this allows the relay to automatically accept requests from devices owned by the primary owner.

    Posted August 02, 2010 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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