Sensations v5, Collar v8 and Cuffs v6

    Sensations v5, Collar v8 and Cuffs v6 have been released! These all come with the updated HUD v5 which introduces a throwback theme called Obsidian.

    The biggest change in the new versions is a unified plugin system allowing plugins to be shared between all items. A new access control system has been added that gives features like the collar to all Sensations items, thus allowing collar plugins to work in non-collar items.

    The built-in plugin menu button system has also been enhanced with dynamic access controls, allowing multi-tiered access to buttons depending on the access level of the avatar requesting the menu.

    A menu helper has been added to allow a more streamlined and simplified handling of dynamic multi-page menus. Additionally a helper for the color menu has been added to allow use of the color HUD and Spheres to tint different parts of items.

    Feature Highlights:

    All items have received improved performance and reduced lag using the new features introduced in SecondLife Server 1.38.

    Leashable items have been enhanced with post to avatar and object menus. They also now have additional lockmeister ping targets besides “handle” by default including “collar” to allow chain leashing. RLV based rotation correction has been added. A new option has been added to allow RLV restrictions to prevent teleportation when leashed.

    A new unified RLV plugin has been added. The old Sensations RestrainedLife and Amethyst RestrainedLife plugins have been combined and renamed RLV to reflect the new viewer name. This will also allow for the Sensations plugin to remain more up-to-date. The RLV plugin now has the ability to detect RLVa clients and skip the @clear command on detach which allows RLVa clients to reattach after being knocked off by a Wear.

    The RLV Exceptions plugin has been enhanced to automatically give exceptions to owners. By default primaries get accepttp, recvim and sendim exceptions. Secondaries get recvim and sendim.

    The cocks have been updated with menus for the Sensations color system allowing the color HUD and Sphere to be used to tint the items in addition to the existing menu based mixer. Two new skin textures have been added that match two new Sensations skins, Freckled and Goblin.

    The couples animator has been enhanced with RLV rotation correction.

    The Collar has received a third owner class called Group Owners which are owners listed on the Sensations web site. This is designed as a replacement for SecondLife group ownership which has all sorts of weird restrictions. The primary owner set on a group enabled collar will bring with them their group of owners they have configured on the Sensations web page. The .flags command is used to assign commands to the group owners.

    The Collar also has gotten a new mode of operation, open access, which functions similar to unowned submissives level 3 or higher. Anyone can issue commands with ownership level authority. However it differs from level 3 or higher in the sense that it can be turned on and off via a command. Level 3 or higher submissives can only stop access by becoming owned either by submitting or by brainwashing with level 4.

    The Collar now has a TP... menu which contains the list of landmarks that can be force teleported to when RLV is enabled. The Collar also has received a .sit and .mount parameter called “target” which when specified will wait for a lockmeister ping reply of “sit” from a sit target such as a poseball.

    The Remote plugin has been enhanced to allow streamlined creation of web accounts. It will also detect when the allowed avatar list needs to be updated and will redirect to a web page to add to the list automatically.

    The HUD now in addition to the new Obsidian theme has a Roleplay page to assist in communication during roleplay scenes between partners. There will be another post to expand on this very soon.

    Posted June 04, 2010 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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