Vendor 9.0 and Promenade 4.1

    The Amethyst Network Vendor 9.0 only has a few new features but they are major ones.  On the server side version 9 now include HTTP-In support which reduces lag and drastically improves delivery times! Yay!  On the client side we now have support for Buy as Gift which allows an item to be bought by one avatar but delivered and credited to another avatar's account!  All no transfer items at the Sensations store now have Buy as Gift buttons.  The Sensations web page has been updated to handle and show these features.

    The Promenade 4.1 update incorporates the updated animation browser that is included in the Collar 7.10, the updated Sensations HUD 4.5 with the SL 1.23 alpha fix and some minor changes to requesting animation permission.  This also is the first update since the unification which means there is a third updater that does not include upgrade capabilities if updating from 3.x versions.

    Now only the weapons do not have the 4.5 HUD.  There may be a weapon update coming soon.

    Besides the potential weapon update, I now only have one item in the queue to be finished, so I'll be moving on to new things.  Thinking about updating the line of neko (cat) items.  Does anyone have opinions or suggestions?

    Posted September 26, 2009 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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