New Product: Sensations Bondage Table With Cage

    Marketplace Link: Sensations Bondage Table With Cage

    --Basically a 2 in 1 deal.  It is both a Bondage Table and a Cage.
    --Bondage Table With Cage is made of Mesh with a 15+2 prim allowance (+2 for poseballs).
    --Loads up to 2 People/Poseballs (We use poseballs still since of RLV and ability to reposition)
    --Bondage Table With Cage textures can be changed from a large variety of full perm open sourced textures

    On Table Poses:
    --9 D/s Restrained by Belts
    --10 Sex Restrained by Belts
    --11 D/s Restrained by Chains
    --11 Sex Restrained by Chains
    --10 Romance
    --10 Solo

    In Cage Poses:
    --23 For Dominant Interaction with Sub
    --15 Solo

    Has a Free Roam Mode while sub is locked in cage:
    --Sub can pick from 15 Solo poses.
    --Sub can attempt to free themselves with lock pick mini-game (which has difficulty settings)
    --Sub can drink from bowl if fill with liquid (water, milk, pee, or cum)

    Posted October 13, 2013 by Earalia Nolan

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