Collar, Cuffs and Starter Kit Updates

    Collar 9.0 has been released, now including web database support, so settings persist through collar changes and resets. Please note web database support is only available for new purchases due to updater limitations. The collar also now includes RLV automatic height adjustment support.

    Cuffs 7.0 are now (no transfer) and support Lockmeister v2 to reduce lag.

    Starter Kits now include what had been the premium genitals v2 and are now also (no transfer).

    All updates include the new menu system format that was voted on by our users.

    If you have purchased Cuffs or Starter Kits in the past, you can get (no transfer) versions by wearing them at the update location, hitting Update on the menu. Then pick Copyable from the update system menu... if you have item purchase records in the update system, a (no transfer) version of the item will be delivered to you.

    If the item was purchased for you as a gift, we apologize but (no transfer) updates will only be available to the original purchaser.

    Posted January 28, 2013 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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