Collar 7.10 Cuffs 5.9 and Sensations 4.8

    I am pleased to announce the release of the Collar 7.10, Cuffs 5.9 and Sensations 4.8

    The Sensations HUD 4.5 has been vastly updated with a Quick Button Bar for saving your most commonly used buttons for quick access (even from Mini mode).  New pages have been added to the HUD: Color (for tinting your Sensations items and items from other creators), Genitals (for controlling your Sensations compatible genitals) and Vibrator (for use with vibrators including the remote vibrating egg).  The remote support has been enhanced to support HTTP-In for near instantaneous commands when used with the updated remote control plugin which now also supports HTTP-In.

    The collar has been updated with a slightly redesigned menu.  It now has a Look... menu where you can find the appearance related commands.  Hide and Show functionality has now been merged into the collar itself, allowing it to no longer intefere with the bell functionality. A new Font... menu has also been included which allows you to pick from a number of different fonts.   Most relatively new collars will support the multiple fonts.  A few exceptions will require manual prim replacement:  The pet collar and the shock collars primarily.  The Cleopatra has a minor issue which is fixed by editing the prim names of the character tiles on the one side of the collar.  Manual replacements will be done for people with these items and a purchase record.

    The cuffs have been updated with the HTTP-In remote control and fixed a few important bugs.

    The vibrating egg has now been updated to the latest version of Sensations and remote control plugin, after having been held back while the new HUD page was completed.

    The 2.0 genitals have been updated to Sensations 4.8 and a problem with the tattoo menu has been resolved.

    The Sensations 4.8 update brings support to older genitals to interface with the new Genitals HUD page introduced in the Sensations HUD 4.4 for use with the 2.0 genitals.  It also includes a fix for the incomplete type loading which has started happening in a recent update of SecondLife.

    Posted September 18, 2009 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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