Mesh Cuffs and Pose 3.7

    The new Mesh Cuffs are beautifully designed in Mesh by Earalia Nolan with tons of textures to customize the appearance. They are also the first non-furniture items that support lockmeister version 2 to reduce lag. The release of the Mesh Cuffs coincides with a previously unannounced release of the Pose system version 3.7 which adds lockmeister version 2 support to all our Pose based furniture.

    The Pose and Cuffs now also sport the new menu layout that users voted on earlier this year, and the cuffs are now multi-part resizable. You can size each cuff individually from the menu or all together at once.

    To get lockmeister version 2 support in your existing Sensations Pose based furniture, touch the item, pick Settings... then Update and follow the instructions on the menus.

    Thanks to Kyrah Abattoir over at KDC for finalizing the lockmeister version 2 specification.

    Posted September 04, 2012 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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