3 New Products: Tentacle Tub + Hot Tubs

    Each version has the same foundation.  The Adult version has more than the PG version: Sex poses

    The Tentacle Tub has even more than the Adult version:  Tentacle poses w/ tentacle monster, tentacle baby, and impregnation mode to give birth to the tentacle baby.

    The Tentacle Tub is a sequel to the Tentacle Cage that released a year ago, so you're get the same quality, with a lot more going on.

    All load up to 8 poseballs, each with an option to load extra poseballs on top of the normal poses so you can have an audience hanging out while whatever pose you want to use is playing.  It has everything from snuggling, romance, sex, tentacles, to a piggy back ride gone wrong!

    Posted November 09, 2011 by Earalia Nolan

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