Sensations 5.6, Collar 8.6 and Weapon 5.6

    The Sensations 5.6, Collar 8.6 and Weapon 5.6 updates are now in the vendors and updaters.  This update has been delayed for months due to bug SVC-7283 and SVC-7321 which has not been rolled out to the entire grid yet (however is fixed in Sensations and Allure).  There is a Pose system update that is pending waiting for the gridwide fix for SVC-7321.  Here is a summary of fixes:

    • *Fixed submenus sometimes not working on Weapons.
    • *Added Open Relay Group and x-who support to the HUD's RLV Relay.
    • *Added RLV @notify support to the RLV plugin to enhance functionality and reduce lag.
    • *The RLV Add/Rem... menu now shows what is being worn currently.
    • *Using new scripting functions to avoid essentially all script delays.
    • *Added brief popup menu delay to make sure the menu is up-to-date.
    • *Added RLV detach commands to specify individual points. (not just locking support)
    • *When using menu to target individuals... uses current location instead of cached.
    • *Prim Animator fix for initial frame when changing owners.

    Posted October 27, 2011 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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