New Product: Domestic Feline Cock

    I just released the Domestic Feline Cock.

    When designing this cock I noticed that domestic feline cocks (in real life) had spikes at the base, with a smooth tip, so that's how I designed this cock.  What I'd call "Wild" felines (tigers/lions) have more spikes on the tips and have more of a cone shape to the cock.  I'm explaining this so you know there's a difference from this kind of feline cock versus others.

    Here are the specific features:

    ▪ 3 Sexes Included:

    ▪ Full Permission textures you can edit/replace

    ▪ Special Actions:
    -------►Transparent "Blow Job Mode"
    -------►Cum drippies

    ▪ Cock Extras:
    -------►Leashable bell that jingles when you walk
    -------►Condom that fills with cum
    -------►Glove, Cock Cover, Cock Ring

    ▪ Tattoo:

    Posted September 07, 2011 by Earalia Nolan

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