Sensations Slave Training Game

    This simulation is meant to be a fun game for two that simulates training of a slave. Each person takes on the role as either Trainer or slave. The trainer selects actions to increase the slave obedience and to train the slave in qualities that are desirable in a slave. The slave tries to resist training and may even escape to freedom. 

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    *Player versus Player action.
    *Scores can be recorded.
    *Several difficulty levels.
    *Optional participants for sexual and group activities.
    *Unique experiences based on the player's preferences.
    *Immersive configurable roleplay.
    *Hundreds of actions and combinations.
    *RLV support for the slave. Sensations force sit support.
    *Post-game extended play.
    *Actions that slaves may be trained in include:
    Domestic, Performance, Bondage, Humilation, S&M, Pony and Sex.

    Posted March 06, 2011 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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