Network Vendor version 10

    Version 10 of the Amethyst/Sensations Network Vendor system is now in the vendors and updaters.  This release features a drastic reduction in script counts and prim counts.  I have introduced several new vendor styles that cut down prim counts and improve functionality.  I am also including the older higher prim client just in case. Also there is now a "Free Network Vendor" which functions identically to the regular "Network Vendor" except that it charges a 2% transaction fee on each sale.  Many of the vendor settings are now configurable through the web page, and the vendors are configured web-enabled by default now. This makes version 10 very easy to setup!  Like previous versions the network vendors can hold many many items, and are dynamic in the use of scripts.  For small item count vendors (under 50) the vendors can function with 2 scripts.  For higher item counts 4 script configurations can hold 150 items.  If even more items are needed, additional data scripts can be added to the vendors increasing the item capacity.

    Posted December 23, 2010 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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