Pussy 2.0, Native Set and Discount Series

    It is my pleasure to introduce updated Sensations Pussy prims.  These come packed with a bunch of new features including virginity (which can be kept track of online), piercings including a jingling bell, leashable, spreadable, remote controlled egg, dildo, candle, and much more. This contains the Sensations 5.3 beta scripts with display name support. You can get the new version here or here.

    [Update December 14, 2010] Introduced a Native Collar and Cuffs set with prims by animorf Kawadias. They are perfect for Native American or Gorean style roleplay. Also introducing the first in a discounted item series... the Panel Gag, Sleeve Binder and Basked Binder with prims by Darien Caldwell are available cheaply ($200L). The discount series are perfect for people just getting into bondage and Sensations items.

    Posted December 09, 2010 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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