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    [Update November 29, 2010] Due to new accounts almost requiring display names support, I've decided to release the beta.. Beta versions of Collar, Cuffs and Organ scripts are in the Mature Updater now.  If you want to test, please tell me if there are places that display names are not being used where they should be.

     **Important Note** Please DO NOT report a display name failure unless you have repeatedly tried the operation... due to the SL bugs that caused this delay, sometimes SL fails to report the display name.

    [Update November 18, 2010] I have just completed an update to the web login system.  It now supports using both the SecondLife "username" and "legacy name" to login to the web services.  New SecondLife users should use their username... old users can use either their original SecondLife name or their recently created corresponding username.  I am looking to see about using display names on the web page as well.... internally there is one but I am not sure if I can sync it up with the SecondLife display name or not yet.

    [Update November 14, 2010] I have decided to postpone the beta of Sensations Display Names support due to the unreliability of the Display Name scripting functions. Hopefully Linden Labs will be able to get some backend fixes to address these issues soon.

    Display Names went live on the grid today and I would like to announce that a beta version of Sensations, Collars and Cuffs will be available in the next few days... but I was hoping to get some feedback before I do that.  To start I am going to summarize the state of Display Names support in Sensations right now:

    • * Avatar picker shows "Display Name (username)"
    • * Sensations text uses the Display Name instead of the Legacy Name
    • * Collar owner commands can take the Legacy Name or Username
    • * Owner lists will show the Display Name that was in use when ownership was given (unless the owner is present in the sim... then it will show the current Display Name)
    • * Sensations text that uses the first name option will use the first word in the Display Name unless it is disabled or overriden in the Settings notecard using the "firstname" setting.
    • * Sensations access lists will store the avatar key by default. The access lists have supported both names and keys for some time but have used the name for memory reasons by default.  This may mean new versions of the HUD will not function with really old Sensations items for access lists.

    This is the current situation with the beta code I am testing right now.  If you think anything should be changed regarding this, please post a comment or send me an IM.



    Posted November 04, 2010 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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