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    Right now I am working on some more HUD enhancements and web related things such as this blog. Specifically I am working on adding a customizable button bar to the Sensations HUD in the default layout. Also I will be adding some new layouts, for the genitals and vibrator. I have been debating whether these layouts should be included in all of the HUDs or if I should have special HUDs for the more adult parts. Instinctively I think I should include them all together. I am curious what other people think.

    Posted July 28, 2009 by Amethyst Rosencrans

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    Comment by Amadore Serendipity

    Just curious if the HUD will also be fixed to work better with the new SL viewer without having to rely on using Fast Alpha. Also, I love the ability to minimize the HUD but hate that it does it as I am trying to move through the different menus.  Is there a way to make the minimize a separate button on the HUD? Personally, I think everything should be in the same HUD.  It makes life easier.

    Unrelated to the HUD, I am always curious why the famle genitals are connected using the pelvis when avery dang dress or skirt uses the pelvis spot too.  I have tried to change the genitals to a new location but then it moves oddly with the body.

    All that being said, I love this system!

    Comment by Amethyst Rosencrans

    I'll fix the cycling probem in the next version... however switching to a non-alpha design would take a complete overhaul of the HUD which I do not think is really possible.  I got the impression that it was an important issue for Linden Labs but there seems to have been no progress on it which is very disappointing.  I keep monitoring the JIRA report on the bug hoping there will be some movement.  I personally still use 1.22 until they sort out this mess.

    Well the attachment point is a continuing struggle.  There just are not enough locations to attach things.  Essentially there are 2 locations that could be used for it, Stomach and Pelvis.  The dildos and such use the stomach and genitals the pelvis.  Thinking at the time (which is now 3.5 years ago) was that if you were wearing a skirt you wouldn't be able to touch the genitals anyway.  That was before a lot of improvement in the system though, like sculpties, flexies, etc.  I am still waiting for more attachment points, as well as other things like more clothing/skin/tattoo layers which have been promised for years.

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