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  • Seller: Amethyst

    $50000L Item: Pose Developer

    Welcome to the Sensations Pose Developer system. Create your own furniture for resale using the powerful Sensations Pose system! Here are some of the features you can expect: Open ended number of pose balls and poses. Lockmeister points. Swap/rotate position support. Sensations arousal/pain support. (Xcite partner support, but no pain) Sensations plugin support. Expression support. RLV Relay support. Toy/accessory rezzing support. Debug information that informs you of possible problems. NOTE: The box contains a no transfer version of the scripts, but after purchase you will receive a custom licensed version for you to distribute with your final products. The no transfer version can be used in the meantime to work on your products.

  • Seller: Amethyst

    $5000L Item: Prim Animator

    The Sensations Prim Animator is a powerful tool for saving and reloading changes to prims. Some of the features include: Record prim state: position, rotation, scale, textures, prim type and settings Playback recorded animations in many ways and frames Scripts are impervious to reset via notecard or web Only optimized frame deltas are store for low script counts As few as 2 scripts required for operation in final products Playback scripts are copy and transfer for resale.

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