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  • Seller: Amethyst

    Item: Cross: Free Builders Kit / Example

    A functional cross with lockmeister chains. Given free and full perm as a building example so creators can make their own lockmeister compatible furniture.

  • Seller: Amethyst

    $500L Item: Mesh Cuffs - Copy Version

    Mesh cuff design by Earalia Nolan. Lockmeister version 2 compatible cuffs; low lag and multi-point. Immobile tied poses, where the wearer can't move Loose tied poses, where the wearer can still move. Bind limbs separately, overlaying other poses. Suspension poses, dangling the wearer from a suspension rig. Particle chains bind the cuffs together with lockmeister target extension. Remote control plugin; control via web page and HUD remotely. Many custom mesh textures. Timers; time release of the wearer for extended periods. Sensations actions causing arousal and Sensations system integration. Lockmeister AO support; disables lockmeister enabled AOs including: - The Sensations Amethyst Collar, Firestorm Viewer and ZHAO (II) with free plugin. Scripting sizing system allowing you to resize individual cuffs or all together.

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