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  • Seller: Amethyst

    Item: Amethyst Free Network Vendor

    Profit sharing network vendor system version 10. Now with web based management! See where and how your items sell over time. Share arbitrary profit percentages with partners. Only update your server and the clients will update automatically. A dozen different client vendor styles (and almost unlimited customization). Clients are copyable and modifiable so make your own Each client can hold hundreds of items (limited only by the number of datastores). Same as the Network Vendor but charges a 2% transaction fee.

  • Seller: Amethyst

    Item: Amethyst Free Vendor

    Free full permission vendor v1 and v2. Single and Multipaned. Profit sharing.

  • Seller: Amethyst

    $400L Item: Amethyst Promenade Freestyle

    Wearable Dance Machine! Offers up to 20 dancers.Comes with over 20 free dance animations. See who is dancing with you. Remove unwanted dancers. Random, manual and pause dance modes. Synchronize dancers. Add your own (looped) animations. Several dance modes: Random, Cycle, Manual. Skip to the next dance in the list. Allows you to invite friends to dance saving them the frustration of trying to click on your device. **Plus** Allows freedom dancing. With a voice command those on your dance device are able pick which dance they want to do off your dance device allow them freedom and variation.

  • Seller: Amethyst

    Item: Cross: Free Builders Kit / Example

    A functional cross with lockmeister chains. Given free and full perm as a building example so creators can make their own lockmeister compatible furniture.

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