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  • Seller: Amethyst

    $300L Item: Female: Pussy Starter Kit

    Contains: Clit, Pussy, Nipples, Lips, Ass and Vibrator
    Sensations is a complete sex system that learns what you like from what you do. Sensations keeps track of many statistics related to what you are doing: Strength, Stamina, Pain, Recovery, Arousal, Nymphomania, Masochism, Sadism, Submission and Dominance.

  • Seller: Amethyst

    $600L Item: Female: Sculpted Pussy v2

    Sensations system sculpted pussy version 2. All new prims, piercings, remote controlled egg, dildo and many other add-ons! Numerous visual arousal stages, HUD to control the pussy and arousal. Many different piercings and skin textures. Special Sensations actions. A unified system that brings together many different aspects of the sexual experience.

  • Seller: Amethyst

    $690L Item: Strap-on 2.0

    The second incarnation of the Sensations Strap-On. Numerous external attachments for two external slots. Internal dildos and vibrators also for the pleasure of the wearer. Functions as a Sensations Clit as well. Leashable and more!

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