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  • Seller: Amethyst

    $600L Item: Amethyst Promenade Club

    Placeable Dance Club Machine. Placeable in a dance club or home. Displays current dancers. Offers up to 50 dancers. Comes with over 20 free dance animations. Random, manual and pause dance modes. Synchronize dancers. Add your own (looped) animations. Several dance modes: Random, Cycle, Manual. Skip to the next dance in the list. Choose your dance from a handy menu. Skip to the next dance in the list. Easy access to your dances from a HUD attachment. Dancers can get their own more simple HUD. Allows you to invite friends to dance saving them the frustration of trying to click on your device. **Plus** Allows freedom dancing. With a voice command those on your dance device are able pick which dance they want to do off your dance device allow them freedom and variation.

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