Sensations Sound Pack

    How to create your own sounds pack to work in Sensations genitals:

    1.) First use this sample notecard and look at it:

    Sensations Sound Settings



    2.) Examine the demo notecard:

    a.) You'll notice it setup with "YOURNAME". You fill this with whatever you want to call the sound pack (I recommend it be your player's first name.)

    b.) There are 6 sound states. 4 are pleasure based, 2 are pain based.
    i.) Foreplay, Aroused, Excited, and Orgasm range from voices in increasing pleasure.
    ii.) Painful and Agony range from voices in increasing pain.

    c.) Each name like "YOURNAME_Foreplay_A" represents the name of a sound file you would create. Whatever is on the notecard must match what the name of the sound file is.

    d.) You'll notice something like "YOURNAME_Foreplay_A|YOURNAME_Foreplay_B|YOURNAME_Foreplay_C". The "|" symbol is a divider you use for different sound files. You can list as many sound files or as little as one. When the genital plays a pleasure/pain state it will then randomly pick one of the sounds listed for the state. I recommend you use 16 total sounds as shown in the example card; however, you could also just do 5 (1 for each state.)
    Sound Setup Example


    3.) Recording:

    a.) Please only use clean recordings. This means no breathing sounds, or microphone crackling.

    b.) Your recording must be within the 10 second limit, so make sure you have some sort of fade out: Just make sure there isn't any cut off.

    c.) Make sure you use noise reduction options/software when recording. This INCLUDES the humming sound of your computer!! You want to eliminate the sound of your computer running that is common in the background of most computer recordings. Perfection is important! A good suggestion is to record on a laptop with headphones in your bathroom. You can also get good sound recording software that filters out background noises/static.

    4.) Setting Up:

    a.) You'll find a notecard in Sensations Genitals called "Settings". Open that.

    b.) At the bottom you'll find
    # The audio notecard if available
    audio|Sensations Sound Settings
    Settings Notecard Example

    c.) You can leave this as so, as long as the sound pack notecard is the same. If not change the settings.

    d.) Reset the scripts in the genitals. Do this by right clicking the genital and selecting 'Edit'. Click 'Tools' at the top of your window and go do to 'Reset Scripts in Selection'

    e.) You must wear your Sensations HUD for the sound packs to work.