Sensations Soul Circlet Help

    The Sensations Soul Circlets are an innovative new way to control or be controlled. Not only can the controller influence the actions of the circlet wearer but they can get into their head.

    The soul circlet borrows some of the concepts of control collars such as the command prefix but operates substantially differently. The soul circlet is primarily operated by voice commands, defaultly on the hidden channel 3.

    Many of the standard voice commands can be issued without a prefix, however plugin commands such as RLV commands require the command prefix which is the initals of the circlet wearer. The current prefix and channel are listed on the main menu of the circlet.

    The second method of control is via the remote control web site, Please see the 'Remote Control' section for more information.

    --------------------The Main Menu-------------------

    The soul circlet attaches the nose. Touching your circlet brings up a dialog:
    Main Menu

    [ Look... ]
    *Brings up a dialog allowing you to change the appearance of the soul circlet, including the type of metal and gems if applicable.

    [ Owner ]
    *Resets the current owner of the circlet and brings up a dialog of nearby avatars to set a new one.

    [ RLV Help ]
    * Retrieves a notecard with the commands available to control the RLV features.

    [ Remote... ]
    *Configures remote access to the circlet. If you have an account created you can access the web remote control panel by visiting You can receive the Sensations HUD by selecting [Help...] and then [Get HUD].

    [ Add/Remove... ]
    *Add and remove clothes and items from the wearer using RLV.

    [ Restraint... ]
    *Restrict the wearer using RLV. RLV Help

    [ Deactivate ]
    *Temporarily deactivate Sensations communication.

    [ Help... ]
    *Sub-menu for help references. You can receive the Sensations HUD by selecting [Help...] and then [Get HUD].

    [ Touchable ]
    *Toggle if other people can get a menu from your item. (Your owner will always be able to).


    The circlet is basically an advanced mind control roleplay aid and as such much of the interaction will be via voice commands.
    (Type the commands without the single quotes and replacing the <> enclosed section with the appropriate value)

    The following commands are available only to listed owners on the circlet or the wearer when unowned:

    '/3 menu' = Calls for the main menu.
    '/3 speech <whisper|say|shout>' = Set the speech volume level to either whisper, say or shout.
    '/3 channel <#>' = Change the listening channe to # where # is a number.
    '/3 prefix <text>' = Causes words spoken to be prefixed by 'text' or 'remove' to eliminate the prefix.
    '/3 suffix <text>' = Causes words spoken to be suffixed by 'text' or 'remove' to eliminate the suffix.
    '/3 arousal <#>' = Increase arousal by # where # is a number.
    '/3 pain <#>'= Increase pain by # where # is a number.
    '/3 turn <left|right>' = Causes the wearer to turn left or right if using RLV.
    '/3 animation <name|stop|next|prev>' = Causes the wearer to change animations.
    '/3 telepathy <text>' = Causes the wearer to hear the words 'text' in their mind.
    '/3 say <text>' = Causes the wearer to say the words 'text' aloud.

    The following command is available only to listed owners on the circlet:

    '/3 follow <on|off>' = Causes the wearer to follow or stop following the owner.

    The following command is available only to the wearer of the circlet:

    '/3 height <petite|short|medium|tall|giant>' = Change the height profile of the animation.

    Additionally any other text sent to the channel starting with the command prefix and ':' will be spoken by that wearer. For instance Amethyst Rosencrans' command prefix would be 'ar' so:

    /3 ar:I love bananas!

    would result in:

    Amethyst Rosencrans: I love bananas!

    To make all circlet wearers under your control speak use all:

    /3 all:We love bananas!

    Amethyst Rosencrans: We love bananas!
    Serenity Rosencrans: We love bananas!

    If you wish to execute a voice command that resides in Sensations plugins such as the RLV module the command prefix will be required. It is not required for core circlet commands however they will be executed by all circlets you have control over. An example of adding a RLV accept teleport exception for Serenity Rosencrans to Amethyst Rosencrans' circlet you would issue the command as such:

    /3 araccepttp add Serenity Rosencrans

    --------------------Remote Control-------------------

    One of the other key features of the circlet is remote control. This feature is provided mainy via the Remote... menu on the circlet and the Sensations web page

    A Sensations web account is required by both of the participants to provide remote control functionality. One will be created automatically by the circlet for the wearer, they just need to write down the generated password. After setting an owner on the circlet, the remote control plugin will attempt to add the owner to the Sensations web page. The wearer of the circlet just needs to login using their avatar name and the generated password to complete the process.

    The owner will need to get the Sensations HUD from the Remote... menu of the circlet menu. Wear the Sensations HUD and pick "Online" mode when prompted. An account will then be automatically created for the owner. The password should be written down, then the web can be utilized by simply logging in using the avatar name and generated password.

    -------------------Settings Notecard-----------------

    You will notice a Settings notecard inside your circlet. If you want to edit some of the settings of your circlet then it is there for you to edit and customize your circlet further. We highly recommend you don't do this though unless you are certain you know what you're doing and make a backup of the notecard for safe keeping. This freedom gives you more individuality to your circlet.


    There may be future events where we will make scripting updates due to possible bug fixes based on our own faults, or Second Life OS changes. On the main menu is an [ Update ] menu. To update, go to the Sensations main store, and find the Sensations Update Center. While wearing your cock, click [ Update ] while standing under the Sensations Update Center, and it will guide you through the rest. Sensations Update Center


    Amethyst Rosencrans: Sensations System, Programming
    Earalia Nolan: Sculpty Maps, Programming, Builds, Textures, Animations
    Puta Pixie: Builds, Textures