Sensations Pose Developer Help

    Welcome to the Sensations Pose system. Here are some of the features you can expect:

    • Open ended number of pose balls and poses.
    • Lockmeister points.
    • Swap/rotate position support.
    • Sensations arousal/pain support. (Xcite partner support, but no pain)
    • Sensations plugin support.
    • Expression support.
    • RLV Relay support.
    • Toy/accessory rezzing support.
    • Debug information that informs you of possible problems.

    === Initial Setup ===

    The most basic setup requires the Sensations Pose Ball, Sensations Pose Script, Sensations Chain Script and Sensations Anim Script placed into an object. The Sensations RLV Pose Script is not required but recommended for bondage related furniture. A Sensations Anim Script is required for each pose ball that is supported. For instance if your object requires 3 pose balls, then there should be minimally 3 Sensations Anim Scripts in the object. Just drag the Sensations Anim Script into the object 3 times. SecondLife will automatically rename the scripts appropriately.

    The Sensations Anim Scripts also provide memory storage for the pose information, so if memory starts running short, dropping in additional Sensations Anim Scripts will provide more storage for poses.

    You need to include a Settings notecard, the one provided should be sufficient for most purposes. The included Settings notecard has the debug setting enabled, and it should remain enabled during development so it can warn you of errors and show you how much memory is free during the loading process. However before you release your item, I would recommend you disable the debug Setting. It will allow the notecards to load faster and users won't be confused by unneccessary information.

    --- Optional Items ---

    Sensations Toy Rez Script - Plugin to rez toys or accessories during specific poses to reduce prim counts when not needed.
    Please see the Toy Rezzer Instructions notecard in the included Sensations Toy Box.
    Sensations Pose Hide Show Script - Plugin to add /1hide and /1show support to the pose system.
    The "channel" keyword can be used to change the channel from the default of 1.
    The "hideshowmenu" keyword set to 1 or true will enable "Hide" and "Show" buttons on the menu.

    === Pose Creation ===

    Finally you need to create one or more Settings notecards for the sets of poses, the included examples can be used as a starting point.

    Pose sets are grouped by the name of the button. So if you want a set called "Cuddle" with 2 poseballs, you need to have 2 pose lines in the appropriate Settings notecard with the button field named "Cuddle". The first line with the button "Cuddle" will control the first pose ball, the second line will control the second poseball and so forth. If there are more poseballs rezzed than poses in the set, the additional poseballs will be derezzed. If there aren't enough poseballs, additional ones will be rezzed as neccessary.

    Once you have the poseballs rezzed and you put your avatars on them, if they aren't aligned as you want, then you should touch the object, pick Settings... and then pick Adjust. This will cause the poseballs to become visible while the avatars are on them. Move and rotate the poseballs until you have the alignment right, then touch the object, pick Settings... and pick Announce. The current pose positions will be announced on your screen so you can copy and paste the updated lines into your Settings notecard.

    After you have updated the Settings notecard, use the Reset button on the Settings... menu to reload the notecards. Test the pose to make sure it reloads the poses properly. Continue until you have all the poses configured.

    === Lockmeister Chains ===

    To add lockmeister chains to your object, edit the prim you want the chains to spawn from and add ":lockmeister:pointname" to the end of the prim name.

    If for example you called this point "pointa" then in the pose line for the pose that should be attached and you want it to connect to the right wrist cuff on the avatar you would use this for the lockmeister field: pointa rcuff

    If multiple points are to be chained, separate the pairs with commas.

    If you want to have all prims generate the same chain texture, put a full perm texture in the main prim called "chain". If you want each to generate their own, include a "chain" texture in each of the lockmeister point prims. Additionally you can use the "texture" setting in the Settings notecard with a texture name or UUID.

    === Sensations Support ===

    To enable Sensations support for the actions, you must include the Sensations Partner Script from the Sensations Builders Kit. The Sensations actions specified in the Pose definitions will be played when the person on the poseball is wearing Sensations genitals. If wearing the Sensations HUD arousal or pain will also be generated in the Sensations system.

    Theoretically including Xcite! partner scripts should also work for arousal on Xcite! gentials if included in the Sensations Pose system, however this has not been tested due to the author being unabled to qualify as an Xcite! partner.

    === Helpful Suggestions ===

    As a general rule there should be at least 1k free memory in each of the scripts. So when loading Pose should have at least 1k free and Data should have 1k * (the number of Sensations Anim Scripts). So if you have 3 Sensations Anim Scripts Data should be at least 3k. If there is less than that you should add an additional Sensations Anim Script.

    Currently only the "all" availability is supported by the Pose system, however in the future other availabilities such as "self" and "others" may also be supported.

    The example Settings notecards have comments for all of the different fields. Please refer to the comments for additional information on creating poses.

    === Finishing Up ===

    You are free to use our included help and online help for your products, but changing the built-in Help can be done by:

    1) Edit or replace the included Sensations Pose Help notecard.
    2) Add a line to the Settings notecard to change the Web Help URL:


    3) Add a line to the Settings notecard to change the FAQ URL:


    If you would like to change the text on the main menu use the actiontext keyword in the Settings notecard:

    actiontext|This will now be on the main menu.\n

    If you need more than will fit on a single line add:

    actiontext+|Even more text!\n

    If you want to add custom text to each submenu (this can be done in the animation set notecards):

    actiontext+||cuddle|This will be the text on the cuddle menu.

    === Permissions (This Section is for Furniture Developers Only) ===

    For the Sensations Pose scripts to function properly, the scripts need to be EITHER (no copy) OR (no transfer) and the prims they are in need to match. So before distributing or selling your items you need to uncheck either COPY or TRANSFER for the next owner on the scripts, and do the same on the prims. Failure to do so will result in a "License failure" error message.