Sensations Pose Help

    The Sensations Pose based furniture does not require any other items to function, however it is enhanced by the Sensations HUD, Sensations compatible genitals or any other RLV Relay.

    Touching your furniture brings up a dialog:

    Help... - Display the help menu, allowing notecard, online and FAQ help.
    Settings... - Display the Settings menu allowing configuration of the furniture and poses.
    None - Remove the poseballs and thereby unsitting all avatars.
    RLV... - Display the RLV menu allowing "capture" and restraint of avatars.
    Swap/Rotate - Swap (2 person) or Rotate (multiple person) which avatars are in which poses. If a single pose or no pose this button will be missing.

    This menu will also contain a list of submenus or poses that are specific to the piece of furniture you have. This general documentation has omitted them.

    Selecting the Settings... button brings up this dialog:

    Reset - Forces a reset of the main script, causing a reload of all Settings notecards.
    Touchable - Toggles touchability by others. (Owner, Group and Everyone)
    Update - Update the scripts in your organ at the Sensations Update Center.
    Lockmeister - Toggle support for lockmeister chains.
    Group - Toggles group access to the furniture, to stop it from being publically used.
    Adjust - Toggle adjustment move, where the poseballs are visible even when sat upon.
    Sensations - Toggle Sensations arousal/pain/text.
    Timer... - Menu to control automatic poseball removal.
    Announce - Announces the poseball settings in the format the notecard requires. (For making or modifying poses.)
    Up... - Menu to move the poseballs up.
    Down... - Menu to move the poseballs down.
    Main... - Return to the main menu.

    Selecting the RLV... button brings up this dialog:

    Capture... - Bring up a dialog of nearby avatars to attempt to capture using RLV. (Note: If not wearing a RLV relay or in ignore mode this won't work.)
    RLV - Toggle RLV support. Whether chained avatars willbe able to stand up or not.
    RLV Menu - Toggle whether or not the menu will be accessible to restrained avatars.
    Main... - Return to the main menu.

    Additional poses can be added using Settings notecards. See examples inside this furniture.