Sensations HUD Help

    Sensations HUD is a HUD attachment that can talk to a variety of different items. It can load layouts from notecards or from a centralized HTTP (web) server.

    The HUD has numerous buttons which correspond to actions, click here to find out about this layout's buttons.

    === Use ===

    The Sensations HUD attaches by default to the top right of the HUD (Heads Up Display), however it can be attached to any HUD location.

    Touching the HUD brings up a dialog:

    Help... - Display the help menu, allowing notecard, online and FAQ help.
    Layouts... - Display the list of loaded layouts to pick from.
    Settings... - Display a menu with settings for the HUD.
    Menu - This button will bring up the menu on many Amethyst/Sensations products.
    It will only be displayed if the layout is not plugin controlled.

    Picking Settings... brings up a dialog:

    Translucent - Makes the HUD see-through so you it doesn't obstruct you view but you can still see the buttons.
    Opaque - Makes the HUD fully opaque (solid).
    Invisible - Makes the HUD invisible (you can still click on it but can't see it).
    Notecard - Switches to notecard mode and reloads the notecard layout list.
    HTTP - Switches to HTTP mode and reloads the web layout list.
    Update - Update the scripts in your HUD at the Sensations Update Center.

    The next three buttons are used in remote target mode.

    New Target... - Brings up a list of nearby targets to add to the saved target list.
    Rem Target... - Brings up a list of saved targets that can be removed.
    Clear Targets - Remove all saved targets from the list.

    Change... - Brings up a listed of nearby (local mode) or saved (remote mode) avatars to target.

    Target Mode... brings up the following dialog:

    Self - Put the HUD into self control mode. The HUD will affect items that you are wearing.
    Local - Put the HUD into local control mode. The HUD will affect items worn by your targeted partner who is nearby.
    Remote - Put the HUD into remote control mode. The HUD will affect items worn by your targeted partner who is anywhere in SecondLife.

    Look... brings up the looks or skin dialog when in HTTP load mode:

    Default - This set is the default pink iphone-esque look to the HUD.
    Classic - This set contains the layouts from the previous multi-layout HUD.
    ....More looks coming soon!

    After choosing a new look or skin, pick Layouts... from the menu to see the new layouts that are available to choose from.

    === How it Works ===

    Wear or attach it to your HUD. It will try to position correctly for whatever location you choose.

    Touch an empty area on the HUD to bring up the HUD menu. Pick Layout... and choose the layout for whatever item you wish to control with the HUD. After picking a layout it will reconfigure the HUD, changing textures, resizing, repositioning and adding appropriate buttons to the menu for the item.

    New or updated layouts can be pushed out to users of the HUD via the updater or via HTTP.