Sensations Gag Help

    Proper function of the gag requires that the Sensations Core also be worn in addition to a penis or clit attachment. The gag attaches the mouth. The gag takes the place of the lips and duplicates their functionality plus the added functionality of the gag.

    Touching your gag/lips brings up a dialog:

    Help... - Display the help menu, allowing notecard, online and FAQ help.
    Touchable - Toggles touchability by others.
    Update - Update the scripts in your organ at the Sensations Update Center.
    Deactivate - Completely stops the function of the gag, regardless of the state changes reported by the core.
    Colors... - Brings up a dialog to change the color of the gag.
    Lock... - Brings up a dialog with options dealing with the lock.
    Gag... - Brings up a dialog to change the look of the gag.

    Touching the Gag... button brings up a dialog:
    [Solid][Mesh][No Shine][Low Shine][Med Shine][High Shine]

    Solid - Makes the texture a solid color.
    Mesh - Makes the texture of the gag a mesh with holes in it.
    No Shine - Turn shininess off for the gag.
    Low Shine - Turn shininess on low for the gag.
    Med Shine - Turn shininess on medium for the gag.
    High Shine - Turn shininess on high for the gag.

    Touching the Lock... button brings up a dialog:
    Lock Menu

    Memory - Makes you think back to remember if and who locked this lock.
    Pickable - Touching this button allows people to attempt to pick your lock.
    Unpickable - Touching this button prevents people from attempting to pick your lock.
    Leave Key - Leave your key available for people to lock.
    Hide Key - Hides your key so people cannot lock your cuffs.
    Note: The Pickable/Unpickable button will be missing if Sensations owners is enabled.

    This menu will additionally list "self" action buttons specified in the Settings notecard.

    There are 11 premade "self" action:
    Lower Lip
    Run Tongue
    Cover Mouth

    Other people touching your gag/lips brings up this dialog:

    Gag - Causes the gag to be placed in your mouth and "prevents" you from talking without emotes.
    Ungag - Causes the gag to be removed as well as speech restrictions.

    This menu will additionally list "action" buttons specified in the Settings notecard.

    There are 12 premade "actions":
    Passion Kiss
    French Kiss
    Grab Tongue

    Additional actions can be added using the Settings notecard

    Sensations has allow and ignore lists to ban specific people from touching, or for allowing people to touch even when touching is restricted. Please see the Settings notecard within the gag for more information. (Use Highlight Transparent on the View menu to do this).