Amethyst Cuffs Help

    Proper function of the cuffs requires that all 4 cuffs be worn. The main controlling cuff is the right wrist cuff, but the other 3 should be worn also. They attach to the forearms and lower legs. As of v4 there are now optional upper arm cuffs and thigh cuffs also.

    Touching your cuffs brings up a dialog:

    Help... - Display the help menu, allowing notecard, online and FAQ help.
    Touchable - Toggles touchability by others. (so you can stop people from chaining you)
    Colors... - Display a dialog which allows you to change the cuff colors.
    Please note the Amethyst Collar 3.0 uses lockmeister to change colors.
    Thus the Amethyst Collar's .color command will also affect worn cuffs.
    Update - Update the scripts in your cuffs at the Sensations Update Center.
    Lock... - Brings up a dialog with options dealing with the lock.
    Texture... - Choose a particle texture to show when the cuffs link to other objects or themselves.
    Dense - Use a dense particle density for the chains.
    Normal - Use the normal particle density for the chains.
    Sparse - Use a sparse particle density for the chains.
    Promiscuous - Toggles allowing the cuffs (and any amethyst/lockmeister items) listening to external commands.
    Access... - Brings up the access list dialog.

    Touching the Access... button brings up a dialog:

    Allow... - Brings up a list of people nearby to add to your cuff's allow list.
    Ignore... - Brings up a list of people nearby to add to your cuff's ignore list.
    Clear - Clears the allow lists.

    Touching the Lock... button brings up a dialog:

    Memory - Makes you think back to remember if and who locked this lock.
    Pickable - Touching this button allows people to attempt to pick your lock.
    Unpickable - Touching this button prevents people from attempting to pick your lock.
    Leave Key - Leave your key available for people to lock.
    Hide Key - Hides your key so people cannot lock your cuffs.
    Note: The Pickable/Unpickable button will be missing if Sensations owners is enabled.

    Other people touching Lock... will be presented with various options including:

    Lock - The person locking gets a key to the cuffs and gets notified if the cuffs are removed.
    Unlock - The person with the key can unlock the cuffs, halting the removal notification.
    Pick - Attempts to pick a pickable lock, the chances of success are small, and there is a chance that the keyholder will know.

    This menu will additionally list "self" action buttons specified in the Settings notecard.

    There is 1 premade "self" action:

    Other people touching your cuffs brings up this dialog:

    This menu will additionally list "cuff" action buttons specified in the Settings notecard.

    There are 15 premade "cuff" actions:
    On Back
    No Escape
    On Side
    Legs Back
    Cross Sit
    Tight Tie
    Flat Spread
    On Belly

    There are 5 "loose" actions:

    Loose actions are like other actions except they don't completely immobilize, they just slow down.

    Bind... - Brings up a dialog full of options to chain wrists and ankles.

    There are 9 premade "bind" actions:
    Behind Back
    Front Up
    Front Down
    Behind Head
    Wrist Cross
    Bind Wrists
    Bind Ankles
    Tip Toes
    Spread Legs

    There is also a Chain All/Remove All button which is used to have all the cuffs chained together.

    Additional positions can be added with any chain options using Sensations style actions.

    The Settings notecard also contains a list of people to allow and deny. The allow list is used when the cuffs are out of reach to others. The deny list is used when the cuffs are touchable by others. The allow list can be added to by using the Allow... menu option. If you wish to restore the allow list to it's original state (from the Settings notecard) choose the Reset menu option.

    === Suspension ===

    Select one of the following rigs:

    Simple Rig
    Triple Suspension Rig

    Rez the rig and raise it up high. Touch the cuffs and then select the Suspend... button. From the suspend dialog pick an action. The cuffs will say you are looking for a place to suspend from. Touch the rig. When finished use the Drop button on the suspend dialog.

    Selecting Suspend... from the cuffs main dialog brings up the following dialog:

    Drop - Unhooks the wearer and lets them drop to the ground.
    Lower - Lowers the wearer a half meter when suspended.
    Raise - Raises the wearer a half meter when suspended.
    Susp Help - Display the notecard you are looking at now.

    There are 8 premade "suspend" actions:
    Spread Hang
    Arm Hang
    Leg Hang

    Additional positions can be added to the Suspension Settings notecard.

    The Settings and Suspension Settings notecards are located in the right wrist cuff.