Sensations Cock Help

    Thank you for your purchase. For full use of this item you should wear the Sensations HUD. You can receive the Sensations HUD by selecting [Help...] and then [Get HUD].

    NOTE: To resize your cock right click on it, select Edit on the pie menu, hold Control + Shift buttons, and finally drag the grey boxes that appear.

    --------------------The Main Menu-------------------

    The penis attaches the pelvis. Touching your penis brings up a dialog:
    Main Menu

    [ (-Reset-) ]
    *Click this button or say '/9 cock reset' to reset scripts. DO NOT reset scripts by any other method. The animations in this cock are stored with virtual memory, and resetting scripts manually will erase this virtual memory.

    [ Leash... ]
    *Leash control options. To use this first select another avatar near you with the button [Owner]. Once an owner is estalbished they can click your cock, and select [Leash...], then [Grab] which will create a leash between your owner and your cock.
    -NOTE: The leash automatically loads a Prince Albert piercing.

    [ Adjust ]
    *Jiggle your cock.

    [ Look... ]
    *Choose skin textures and tones, piercings, and cock/balls add-ons.

    [ Action... ]
    *Control bodily functions of your cock and anus.

    [ Hard (+) ] & [ Soft (-) ]
    *Make your cock more hard or soft. There are a total of 7 states.

    [ Deactivate ]
    *Hide/show cock.

    [ Masturbate ]
    *Starts your avatar masturbating. The avatar will become more aroused as time passes. Make sure you wear the Sensations HUD to accumulate pleasure, and ultimately orgasm.

    [ Help... ]
    *Sub-menu for help references. You can receive the Sensations HUD by selecting [Help...] and then [Get HUD].

    [ Touchable ]
    *Toggle if other people can play with your cock or not.


    '/9 cock' = Calls main menu.
    '/9 cock reset' = Reset scripts.
    '/9 pee'
    '/9 cum'
    '/9 bleed'
    '/9 enema'
    '/9 fart'
    '/9 shit'

    -----------------Installing Audio Packs---------------

    How to create/install a Sensations Sound Pack

    -------------------Settings Notecard-----------------

    You will notice a Settings notecard inside your genital. If you want to edit some of the settings of your genitals (like what it says when you receive pleasure) then it is there for you to edit and customize your genital further. We highly recommend you don't do this though unless you are certain you know what you're doing and make a backup of the notecard for safe keeping. This freedom gives you more individuality to your genital.
    NOTE: If you make changes to the Settings Notecard make sure to select [ -(Reset)- ] on the main menu, or say '/9 cock reset'.


    There may be future events where we will make scripting updates due to possible bug fixes based on our own faults, or Second Life OS changes. On the main menu is an [ Update ] menu. To update, go to the Sensations main store, and find the Sensations Update Center. While wearing your cock, click [ Update ] while standing under the Sensations Update Center, and it will guide you through the rest.

    Generally though, most updates will be automatically delivered to you considering this product is Copiable already.


    Amethyst Rosencrans: Sensations System, Programming
    Earalia Nolan: Sculpty Maps, Programming, Builds, Textures, Animations