Sensations Cock Help

    Thank you for your purchase. For full use of this item you should wear the Sensations Core HUD from one of the Sensations Starter Kits.

    Any questions or concerns send to Earalia Nolan or Amethyst Rosencrans.


    --------------------The Main Menu-------------------

    The penis attaches the pelvis. Touching your penis brings up a dialog:
    [ Adjust ]
    [ Action... ] [ Leash... ] [ Owner ]
    [ Deactivate ] [ Masturbate ] [ Look... ]
    [ Help ] [ Touchable ] [Update ]


    --[ Look... ]
    Brings up a second menu that has options based on the genital's look.

    --[ Action... ]
    Brings up a second menu giving you control of all the abilities of the genital.

    --[ Leash... ]
    Brings up a second menu giving you control of the leash system. Keep in mind that if you load a leash on your cock, a prince albert piercing will be loaded.

    --[ Owner ]
    Define an owner of the genitals, who can control leashing.

    --[ Help ]
    Displays the notecard you are looking at now.

    --[ Masturbate ]
    Starts your avatar masturbating. The avatar will become more aroused as time passes.
    If you don't have Sensations Core on while you masturbate you will not receive any "Green Text Feedback".

    --[ Adjust ]
    Action to 'adjust' your cock. It doesn't really do anything, but make your avatar 'check' their jewels.

    --[ Touchable ]
    Toggles touch ability by others.

    --[ Update ]
    Touch this while at the Sensations Update Center to update the scripts to the latest version. Look below for more information in the 'Updates' section.

    --[ Deactivate ]
    Completely stops the function of the genital, regardless of the state changes reported by the core.


    -------------------The "Look..." Menu----------------

    Touching Look... brings up a dialog:

    [ Humanoid ] [Fantasy... ] [ Colors... ]
    [ Piercings... ] [ Tattoos... ] [ Metal 1... ]
    [ Remove All ] [ None ] [ Metal 2... ]
    [ Soft ] [ Medium] [ Hard ]

    --[ Humanoid... ]
    Brings up menu of pre-made humanoid textures for your cock. Keep noted when you load one of these it adjusts the texture and tone of your cock. You can further adjust the tone with the [ Colors... ] menu, but only do this if you're fully aware of what you're doing. We do not recommend you try editing the colors manually unless you are an advanced builder. There are prims for the tattoos on the prims for the penis that you might mis-align/mis-color by doing this.

    --[ Fantasy... ]
    Brings up menu of pre-made fantasy textures for your cock. These textures generally are for non-human avatars.

    --[ Colors... ]
    Brings up a menu of color tones for your cock. It will change the tones of your cock based on what texture you have loaded from the [ Humanoid...] or [ Fantasy... ] menu. You can select any tone you want by selecting the [ Sphere ] option.
    A ball will appear by the cock. Go into edit mode on this object, and edit the color of it in the textures menu. When you're done, exit the Edit mode and simply click it and your cock will update to the new color settings.

    --[ Piercings... ]
    Brings up a menu of possible piercings for your cock. You can select as many of these as you want, in any combination you like.

    --[ Remove All ]
    This removes all piercings that may be loaded on your cock.

    --[ Metal 1 ] and [ Metal 2 ]
    Brings up a menu of possible piercing tones for your cock. This allows you to change the types of metals that your piercings are made up of, allowing you to mix or match tones.

    --[ Tattoos... ]
    Brings up a menu for tattoos. Scroll down below to the 'Tattoos' section to learn more.

    --[ None ]
    Removes any loaded tattoos.

    --[ Soft ]
    Sets the flaccidity of your penis to a soft state.

    --[ Medium ]
    Sets the flaccidity of your penis to a medium state.

    --[ Hard ]
    Sets the flaccidity of your penis to a hard state.

    -------------------The "Action..." Menu----------------

    [ Bleed ] [ Cum ] [ Pee ]
    [ Drip ] [ -- ] [ No Drip ]
    [ Enema ] [ Fart ] [ Shit ]
    [ Balls ] [ -- ] [ No Balls ]

    --[ Bleed ]
    Makes you pee blood.

    --[ Cum ]
    Makes you cum without reaching orgasm.

    --[ Pee ]
    Makes you go wee-wee-tinkle.

    --[ Drip ]
    Starts a cum drip from the tip of your cock. To stop this select [ No Drip ].

    --[ No Drip ]
    Stops [ Drip ].

    --[ Enema ]
    Makes you go enema. If you don't know what that is......okay I'm moving on...

    --[ Fart ]
    Makes you fart.

    --[ Shit ]
    Makes you go poop.

    --[ Balls ]
    This re-shows your balls if you decide to hide them with the [ No Balls ] option.

    --[ No Balls ]
    Hides your balls.


    ------------------The "Leash..." Menu----------------

    Keep in mind to get leashed you must click the [ Owner ] option on the main menu. A menu will come up of people near you. Select the person who you want to be your Master or Mistress. From then on the Master or Mistress will have leashing control of your cock. They will have access to a more complex menu than you, because they control you. Be weary of who you trust because they can drag you along by your cock, or leash you to a post, which will make you 'unable' to escape.

    Here is the general menu you will see when you click the [ Leash... ] option:

    [ Dense ] [ Normal ] [ Sparse ]
    [ Releash] [ Mode ] [ Texture... ]

    --[ Dense ]
    Sets particle chain to a dense state.

    --[ Normal ]
    Sets particle chain to a normal state.

    --[ Sparse ]
    Sets particle chain to a sparse state.

    --[ Releash ]
    Forces a releash to your Master or Mistress.

    --[ Mode ]
    Allows you to activate or deactivate your leash.

    --[ Texture... ]
    Allows you to change what your leash is made out of. Try replacing textures inside your cock corresponding to the same names if you want your own custom textures.


    The tattoos option is a newer feature to genitals in Second Life that we came up with. The concept works with additional prims slightly larger over the penis prims. This allows a 'second layer' above the penis skin to allow more things.

    In real life penis tattoos are very uncommon, but are slowly gaining more popularity. It's hard for artists to tattoo cocks because of sensitivity and the fact that cocks have different flaccidity states. Generally the best tattoos are tribal types, but others are possible. Tattoos are purposely distorted on the penis for different states to make it look like it would with all the irregular folds and curves of a penis.

    Each genital has its own included tattoos. We made the tattoos to work with most skin tones, but keep noted that if your skin tone if very dark, the tattoos (which predominantly have black in them) will not show up as good. Don't worry though, we made a special feature which allows you to load your own custom tattoo.

    ==~~~~Loading Custom Tattoo~~~~==
    In the tattoo menu you will notice a [ Custom ] button. This button loads a texture called "Tattoo_Custom" which can be found inside your cock. You can replace this with any texture, as long as your make sure to name the texture to "Tattoo_Custom". If there already is one in there, make sure to remove it so there is only one "Tattoo_Custom".

    With this feature you can load in tattoos that are sold separately, or make your own. By default you will get a "Tattoo_Custom" texture in your cock that will load a Sensations logo on your penis.

    ==~~~~Making Custom Tattoo~~~~==
    If you want to make your own tattoo for your cock you should try making a transparent TGA file that is 1024x1024 in Photoshop. Before importing the tattoo image into this file, compress the height to 66% of what it is by default: The length of the cock stretches it out around 50% more. If you want a custom tattoo made, contact Earalia Nolan to arrange a special commission deal.

    Note: Some of the tattoos we use are freebie public tattoos from ""


    -----------------Installing Audio Packs---------------

    Simply drop in the audio pack into your genital and uncomment the last line in the Settings notecard. You will find the Settings notecard inside your genital itself.


    -------------------Settings Notecard-----------------

    You will notice a Settings notecard inside your genital. If you want to edit some of the settings of your genitals (like what it says when you receive pleasure) then it is there for you to edit and customize your genital further. We highly recommend you don't do this though unless you are certain you know what you're doing and make a backup of the notecard for safe keeping. This freedom gives you more individuality to your genital.



    There may be future events where we will make scripting updates due to possible bug fixes based on our own faults, or Second Life OS changes. On the main menu is an [ Update ] menu. To update, go to the Sensations main store, and find the Sensations Update Center. While wearing your cock, click [ Update ] while standing under the Sensations Update Center, and it will guide you through the rest.



    Amethyst Rosencrans: Lead Programming, Sensations System
    Earalia Nolan: Sculpty Maps, Secondary Programming, Builds, Textures, Animations