Sensations Breasts Help


    Main Menu

    When you first click the breasts you should get this menu:

    [ Cup ] [ Touch Self ] [ Lick Nip ]
    [ Leash... ] [ Owner ] [ Milk Self ]
    [ Deactivate ] [ Privacy... ] [ Look... ]
    [ Help ] [ Touchable ] [ Update ]

    [ Cup ], [ Lick Nip ]:
    Simple emotes for breasts.

    [ Touch Self ]:
    Make your breasts bounce.

    [ Leash... ]:
    Specify conditions for your leash. This option comes up for a potential owner you may choose. See [ Owner ] for more details.

    [ Owner ]:
    This option lets you pick the owner of your nipples (you must be physically close to the person's avatar). This allows the owner to leash you and tug you around. Instruct your dom to click the breasts and select the [ Leash... ] button to leash you after you have picked them as your owner.

    [ Milk Self ]:
    This allows you to milk yourself. This option is also available to the public. Your breasts only can be produced if you select [ Look... ], then [ About Milk... ], then [ Produce ].

    [ Deactivate ]:
    This option hides and deactivates your nipples (others cant use them). You can turn them back on by selecting [ Activate ].

    [ Privacy... ]:
    Select between you, your owner, or everyone having access to your breasts (the menu).

    [ Look... ]:
    See below section.

    [ Help ]:
    .....brings up this notecard.

    [ Touchable ]:
    Makes the nipples inaccessible by others.

    [ Update ]:
    Join the 'Amethyst and Sensations Products" group to find out information on updates for this product. If some are announced take this product to the Sensations Update Center in the Sensations main store and use this button.





    [ Look... ] Menu

    When you click [ Look... ] on the main menu you will get this:

    [ -- ] [ About Milk... ] [ -- ]
    [ Clothing... ] [ Inflate... ] [ Jiggle... ]
    [ Tattoos... ] [ Piercings... ] [ Skin... ]

    [ About Milk... ]:
    Self explain menu on milk control and what kind of milk you want to produce.

    [ Clothing... ]:
    Clothing for the breasts is special since you can use the ones included in the breasts, and tint them to your outfit, or make/install your clothing via a plug-in.

    If you select [ Premade... ] make sure to click [ Tint... ] and then [ Sphere ]. This will load a ball in front of you to recolor for the clothing layer.


    [ Inflate... ]:
    This allows you to inflate or deflate the breasts.

    [ Jiggle... ]:
    Self explained.

    [ Tattoos... ]:
    Lets you load 'tattoos' (body marks, and what-not.)

    There is a Custom button which will try to use textures in the breasts called "custom_r" and "custom_l" for tattoos on the right and left breasts.
    These textures are not included, they are for you to add yourself.

    [ Piercings... ]:
    Self explained.

    [ Skin... ]:
    First select whether you want goth, human, or drow skin as your base skin texture. From this skin texture you will tone (change the color) of the skin itself. You can do this by clicking [ Color... ] on this menu, and select [ Sphere ]. This will load a ball in front of you to recolor for the skin.



    Amethyst Rosencrans: Lead Programming, Sensations System
    Earalia Nolan: Sculpty Maps, Secondary Programming, Builds, Textures