Sensations Blindfold Help

    Proper function of the blindfold requires that the Sensations Core HUD from the Sensations Starter Kits also be worn. The blindfold attaches to the nose.

    Touching your blindfold brings up a dialog:

    Help... - Display the help menu, allowing notecard, online and FAQ help.
    Touchable - Toggles touchability by others.
    Update - Update the scripts in your organ at the Sensations Update Center.
    Deactivate - Completely stops the function of the blindfold, regardless of the state changes reported by the core.

    Other people touching your blindfold brings up this dialog:

    Blindfold - Places a blindfold on the person.
    Remove - Removes the blindfold from the person.

    This menu will additionally list "action" buttons specified in the Settings notecard.

    There are 1 premade "action":

    Additional actions can be added using the Settings notecard

    Sensations has allow and ignore lists to ban specific people from touching, or for allowing people to touch even when touching is restricted. Please see the Settings notecard within the hair for more information.