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      Sculpted Cocks 2.0 and HUD 4.4 

      Earalia and I have just put out an updated set of prims and scripts for men and shemales. Included in this update is and intermediate HUD version, it looks like the major features will be in 4.5.  4.4 includes a number of important bug fixes and a workaround for the terrible HUD alpha bug VWR-13151. I had to push this out early because today I had to change the sim to Adult and people will probably need to upgrade to 1.23 with the bug.

      The new cocks feature some really neat things by Earalia, clothing for the different parts, the shaft and testicles and they can bounce like the prim breasts do. 

      As I described in the last post, the next version of the HUD has a new plugin for vibrators and coloring as well as handling the configurable buttons.  It is essentially done except I am waiting on permission to use an existing protocol to change the colors. As many people know I like to support protocols that allow ...

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      Welcome to the Sensations Blog! 

      This is where I hope to post information on new products and general musings about SecondLife and life in general.

      Right now I am working on some more HUD enhancements and web related things such as this blog. Specifically I am working on adding a customizable button bar to the Sensations HUD in the default layout. Also I will be adding some new layouts, for the genitals and vibrator. I have been debating whether these layouts should be included in all of the HUDs or if I should have special HUDs for the more adult parts. Instinctively I think I should include them all together. I am curious what other people think.

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