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      New Sensations HUD adds Powerful Role-Playing Tool 

      For the BDSM community role-playing (RP) is very important in both Real Life (RL) and Second Life (SL).  Dom/mes and subs are drawn to each other in hopes that they can share their favorite fantasies with someone with similar tastes.  It is rare to find someone that enjoys every aspect of BDSM that you do, but together you experiment and hope the other finds excitement in the things you like or at the very least acceptance.  In RL, it is a good idea to discuss limits and safe words, but what about in SL?    Like many in the community I have used two safe words in both RL and SL.  To review the use of two safe words, one is to slow down the direction of play (without stopping or going out-of-character (OOC)) and one is to stop it completely.  The most common that I have heard is “yellow” for slow down and “red” to stop although I met one Domme who liked to use “liver” as a stop word since liver gave her the creeps :)


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      Sensations v5, Collar v8 and Cuffs v6 

      Sensations v5, Collar v8 and Cuffs v6 have been released! These all come with the updated HUD v5 which introduces a throwback theme called Obsidian.

      The biggest change in the new versions is a unified plugin system allowing plugins to be shared between all items. A new access control system has been added that gives features like the collar to all Sensations items, thus allowing collar plugins to work in non-collar items.

      The built-in plugin menu button system has also been enhanced with dynamic access controls, allowing multi-tiered access to buttons depending on the access level of the avatar requesting the menu.

      A menu helper has been added to allow a more streamlined and simplified handling of dynamic multi-page menus. Additionally a helper for the color menu has been added to allow use of the color HUD and Spheres ...

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      Looking forward 

      I have been wanting to make this post for a while but things in real life have kept me from doing it. I have neglected a few other posts announcing the latest versions of Sensations, the Collar etc because I wanted to get this information out and sadly it took me longer than I had hoped.

      So the reason for this post is about the future.  I have been working hard on Sensations v5 and the Collar v8 (the rest of the items will be updated soon but these are the areas of focus right now).  There will be some changes which are needed to keep Sensations items the as the most advanced in SecondLife. The trouble is some of these changes could potentially affect some third party addon makers.  To make this as easy as possible for them I will be having an open beta period where people can choose to update to the beta versions of Sensations and the Collar so we can see what addons have troubles before going completely public. ...

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      Vendor 9.0 and Promenade 4.1 

      The Amethyst Network Vendor 9.0 only has a few new features but they are major ones.  On the server side version 9 now include HTTP-In support which reduces lag and drastically improves delivery times! Yay!  On the client side we now have support for Buy as Gift which allows an item to be bought by one avatar but delivered and credited to another avatar's account!  All no transfer items at the Sensations store now have Buy as Gift buttons.  The Sensations web page has been updated to handle and show these features.

      The Promenade 4.1 update incorporates the updated animation browser that is included in the Collar 7.10, the updated Sensations HUD 4.5 with the SL 1.23 alpha fix and some minor changes to requesting animation permission.  This also is the first update since the unification which means there is a third updater that does ...

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      Collar 7.10 Cuffs 5.9 and Sensations 4.8 

      I am pleased to announce the release of the Collar 7.10, Cuffs 5.9 and Sensations 4.8

      The Sensations HUD 4.5 has been vastly updated with a Quick Button Bar for saving your most commonly used buttons for quick access (even from Mini mode).  New pages have been added to the HUD: Color (for tinting your Sensations items and items from other creators), Genitals (for controlling your Sensations compatible genitals) and Vibrator (for use with vibrators including the remote vibrating egg).  The remote support has been enhanced to support HTTP-In for near instantaneous commands when used with the updated remote control plugin which now also supports HTTP-In.

      The collar has been updated with a slightly redesigned menu.  It now has a Look... menu ...

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