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      Display Names Support 

      [Update November 29, 2010] Due to new accounts almost requiring display names support, I've decided to release the beta.. Beta versions of Collar, Cuffs and Organ scripts are in the Mature Updater now.  If you want to test, please tell me if there are places that display names are not being used where they should be.

       **Important Note** Please DO NOT report a display name failure unless you have repeatedly tried the operation... due to the SL bugs that caused this delay, sometimes SL fails to report the display name.

      [Update November 18, 2010] I have just completed an update to the web login system.  It now supports using both the ...

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      Collar 8.3 Cuffs 6.3 Weapon 5.1 Clothes 5.0 Update 

      Bug fix releases for Collar and Cuffs.  Fixing a missing 808 message in the Weapons and Clothes are fully updated to Sensations 5.0.

      Additionally the Amethyst Collar Contents Box now has a new installation helper script that will perform the installation into prims for you.  This was added because of increasing reports of lost contents during transfer.   This will install and then verify the contents after the transfer.   Please let me know if this is easy enough to use.

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      Pose 3.1, Promenade and Weapon 5.0 Updates 

      The Pose system has been updated to resolve a couple issues in the 3.0 updates of some items.  The update system for the furniture has also been activated after being dormant. Unlike wearable (no copy) items, the furniture does not need to be taken to the update center.  Just click Settings... Update.

      The Weapons and Promenade have been update to be inline with Sensations version 5. The Promenade update also features support for a plugin playlist system. Playlist plugin to be available free soon.

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      Sensations Soul Circlets - Collar and HUD Updates 

      We are pleased to release some new items catering to the area of mind control. The Sensations Soul Circlets are magical headbands powered by a mystical jewel. The circlet binds to the wearer's soul, so a dominant controls more than their the body, but the mind as well. They can be made to do strange things, say things and have their thoughts controlled and influenced. Not only that but the control can be over vast distances.

      We have made a short video demonstrating remote control via an iPhone.


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      Sensations 5.1 Speeeeed, updated cocks and resizer 

      We have just released the latest Sensations update which is packed full of stuff.  It got delayed a bit because it requires SecondLife server 1.40 which got rolled back repeatedly.  However now it is here and it has a bunch of new stuff. 

      It uses the new fast functions for everything now so prim changes are very fast. Yay!  Many items now support a built-in resizer, look for the Size... button on the menus.There are fixes for some issues with the compatibility script, which needs to be used in the prim breasts a lot.

      Earalia has done a super update to the cocks with just a ton of new features, many of which were developed with the Equine cocks, and a bunch of brand new ones!  There has been a slight price increase for the male and shemale versions, but if you previously purchased you get the new features ...

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