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      New Product: Sensations Nails 

      ▪ Pick from up to 4 nail shapes:  Round, Square, Claw, or Talon.

      ▪ Nails aren't just one static hand pose, but work for all hand poses.
      ▪ Load your own customizable rings and leash holders.
      ▪ Nail polish is customizable with Photoshop template to design and plugin your own designs.
      ▪ Individually customize the individual fingers, not just the entire hand.

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      Pose 3.5 Update and Developer Tools 

      We are pleased to introduce the Pose 3.5 update adding new menu layouts for Settings... and RLV... A new timed auto poseball removal for reducing sim lag. Sensations toggle moved into the core scripts and is now on the Settings... menu. Pose system plugins can now eject avatars. Internal display names support has also been added. You can now purchase a (no transfer) version of the Pose Base with an example cuddle pose and an example Cross.

      Introducing 2 new builders kits: Sensations Pose Developer and Sensations Prim Animator.

      The Pose Developer is a licensed ...

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      Sensations 5.5 Collar 8.5 Cuffs 6.5 

      Sensations 5.5, Collar 8.5 and Cuffs 6.5 are now in the vendors and updaters. This release is packed full of new features. The biggest is Display Names support. The core scripts have been updated to support Display Names, there may be some plugins and other places where it was missed, but please let us know if you notice any places where legacy names are still being used and shouldn't.

      The Sensations Genitals 2.0 have been rewritten using our own new Prim Animator which significantly reduces lag. The Sensations Starter Kits have been updated, they now include the original sculpted versions of the genitals. Lag reducing changes have been made to the Collar, Cuffs and various other items. The genitals control menus are now accessible to the owner when one is set ...

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      Network Vendor version 10 

      Version 10 of the Amethyst/Sensations Network Vendor system is now in the vendors and updaters.  This release features a drastic reduction in script counts and prim counts.  I have introduced several new vendor styles that cut down prim counts and improve functionality.  I am also including the older higher prim client just in case. Also there is now a "Free Network Vendor" which functions identically to the regular "Network Vendor" except that it charges a 2% transaction fee on each sale.  Many of the vendor settings are now configurable through the web page, and the vendors are configured web-enabled by default now. This makes version 10 very easy to setup!  Like previous versions the network vendors can hold many many items, and are dynamic in the use of scripts.  For small item count vendors (under 50) the vendors can ...

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      Pussy 2.0, Native Set and Discount Series 

      It is my pleasure to introduce updated Sensations Pussy prims.  These come packed with a bunch of new features including virginity (which can be kept track of online), piercings including a jingling bell, leashable, spreadable, remote controlled egg, dildo, candle, and much more. This contains the Sensations 5.3 beta scripts with display name support. You can get the new version here or here.

      [Update December 14, 2010] Introduced a Native Collar and Cuffs set with prims by animorf Kawadias. They are perfect for Native American or Gorean style roleplay. Also introducing the first in a discounted item series... ...

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