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      New Product: Mesh Hooves 

      I just released mesh demon hooves.  These are a matching style and set that go great along with the Sensations Mesh Horns.


      The hooves have the following features:
      ---HUD Driven
      ---Loads customizable add-ons such as socks, rings, dangle gems, and ribbons
      --- Open sourced textures you can edit on your computer and use in your hooves
      --- Hooves make a “Clip/Clop” sound when walking and Running. The rate of this can be adjusted to match the animations in your AO.

      Look for the room with the Red Wall at Sensations to find them!


      View them here!

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      New Product: Mesh Gag 

      Mesh Gag - Copy Version

      Mesh Gag - Transfer Version


      The Mesh Gag is multi-gag which includes a large variety of gag bits:

      ▪ Ashtray
      ▪ Ball:  Solid
      ▪ Ball:  Perforated
      ▪ Dildo:  Dual
      ▪ Dildo:  Inverted
      ▪ Doggy
      ▪ Duster
      ▪ Muzzle
      ▪ Panel
      ▪ Penis: w/ Balls
      ▪ Penis: w/o Balls
      ▪ Plug
      ▪ Pony Bit
      ▪ Ring
      ▪ Spider
      ▪ Table  (The table delivers a large variety of usable gifts to people)
      ▪ Toilet Scrubber



      The gag's Add-ons are extra things you can load on ...

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      New Products: Mesh Horns 

      I released a new series of horns.  These are Sensations' first mesh products, so I hope you appreciate the new level of detail I put into these horns.  There are currently 5 designs for the horns, and 4 of the 5 have a HUD driven setup like the Cock v3.

      The HUD lets you adjust settings, textures, add-ons, and tones.

      Look for the room with the Red Wall to find them!


      View them here!

      On top of that I released full permission versions of the Gem Dangles and Mesh Ribbons in the Update Center.

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      Sensations Cock v3 

      Sensations Cock v3 on the Second Life Marketplace

      ▪ HUD driven while customizing, for ease of use. Our goal was to make something really complex so you could make your own unique cock, and make it simple for you to use.

      ▪ No need for expensive Add-ons, DLCs, or gimmicks you should have got the first time! Everything is here!

      ▪ Free updates for life for v3 of the Cock!

      ▪ Almost all textures used can be exported, altered, and replaced!

      ▪ Includes downloadable PSD files to make your own skins!

      ▪ Download the Cock v3 Template file here:


      ▪ Package includes literally everything:

      --- Cock Shapes:

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      3 New Products: Tentacle Tub + Hot Tubs 

      Each version has the same foundation.  The Adult version has more than the PG version: Sex poses

      The Tentacle Tub has even more than the Adult version:  Tentacle poses w/ tentacle monster, tentacle baby, and impregnation mode to give birth to the tentacle baby.

      The Tentacle Tub is a sequel to the Tentacle Cage that released a year ago, so you're get the same quality, with a lot more going on.

      All load up to 8 poseballs, each with an option to load extra poseballs on top of the normal poses so you can have an audience hanging out while whatever pose you want to use is ...

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