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      New Product: Demon & Devil Wings 

      Marketplace:  Demon Wings

      Marketplace:  Devil Wings

      The new mesh wings are a reimagined series based on the classic Sculpted Demon Wings with a Demon and Devil version.


      ~Skins with mix/match options:
      --30 Membrane sets
      --30 Bone sets
      --12 Talon sets

      ~Various jewelry and ribbon options that fit the style of mesh horns and hooves.

      ~RLV options to band wings shut or chain them together to restrict flight/freedom.

      ~HUD driven with ability to recolor the wings parts and adjusting glow settings for an even more individualized look.

      ~Full Perm textures.

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      New Product: Couch Series 

      Tentacle Version

      Adult Version

      PG Version


      Special Features:
      ---Couch is made of Mesh with a 13 Prim Allowance
      ---Tentacles are made of Scupted Prims/Mesh with a 14 Prim Allowance
      ---Loads up to 3 People/Poseballs (We use poseballs still since of RLV)
      ---Couch textures can be changed from a large variety of open sourced textures

      NOTE:  Prim count is 13 to 30 depending the pose you pick made of Leather, Latex, and Satin ---Literally everything is animated.  When you change poses the pillows, cushions, or even the entire couch may move!

      Tentacle Poses:
      ---9 Solo
      ---9 ...

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      Collar, Cuffs and Starter Kit Updates 

      Collar 9.0 has been released, now including web database support, so settings persist through collar changes and resets. Please note web database support is only available for new purchases due to updater limitations. The collar also now includes RLV automatic height adjustment support.

      Cuffs 7.0 are now (no transfer) and support Lockmeister v2 to reduce lag.

      Starter Kits now include what had been the premium genitals v2 and are now also (no transfer).

      All updates include the new menu system format that was voted on by our users.

      If you have purchased Cuffs or Starter Kits in the past, you can get (no transfer) versions by wearing them at the update location, hitting Update on the menu. Then pick Copyable from the update system menu... if you ...

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      New Product: Mesh Vagina 

      Sensations Mesh Vagina (BUY ME HERE)

      ▪ HUD driven while customizing, for ease of use.  Our goal was to make something really complex so you could make your own unique vagina, and make it simple for you to use.

      ▪ No need for expensive Add-ons, or gimmicks you should have got the first time!  Everything is here!

      ▪ Almost all textures used can be exported, altered, and replaced!

      ▪ Includes downloadable PSD files to make your own skins!

      ▪ Remotely controllable HUD that can allow a Dominant to control your vagina.

      ▪ Download the Mesh Vagina Template file (Photoshop PSD) here:


      ▪ Package includes literally ...

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      Mesh Cuffs and Pose 3.7 

      The new Mesh Cuffs are beautifully designed in Mesh by Earalia Nolan with tons of textures to customize the appearance. They are also the first non-furniture items that support lockmeister version 2 to reduce lag. The release of the Mesh Cuffs coincides with a previously unannounced release of the Pose system version 3.7 which adds lockmeister version 2 support to all our Pose based furniture.

      The Pose and Cuffs now also sport the new menu layout that users voted on earlier this year, and the cuffs are now multi-part resizable. You can size each cuff individually from the menu or all together at once.

      To get lockmeister version 2 ...

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